Protest at Family court

Family courts areĀ against equal parenting rights! Rights that are God-given and should be unalienable rights!

Michael Lobbying in Washington DC

Michael has what it takes to get things changed! Because of his and others lobbying efforts there is now a bill in congress a Constitutional amendment for equal parentingĀ  H.J. 121 (

Michael Speaking to the Child Support Comittee

Michael is helping to change the child support laws here in the state of Nevada!


Michael Attended the Million parent march in DC

While in DC Michael forged great relationships with people acrosss the country in regards to family and criminal law reform!

Kash Jackson at Million parent march

Kash is running for governor of Illionis!

Michael Attending the Criminal law symposium at law school

Got to speak to Ex Senator Reid who father shot him self due to family court!

Be part of the change!

Please watch the documentary Divorce Corp!