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Michael, Was born in Las Vegas at Sunrise Hospital, near his district, His parents went through a bad divorce when he was 5. His Mother then took him and his two brothers to live on an 80 Acre farm in Missouri. He only saw his dad a handful of times and it caused him a lot of anxiety and depression and much hurt, he overcame this and now can see why equal parenting is needed! It is now a passion of his to help get the Family laws changed as it is causing so much devastation!

Michael, Came back to Las Vegas when he was around 13 years old. he excelled in Science and Math and his interest in computers, as he began tinkering and started to build his own around this time.  Michael went to Western high school and graduated 10th in his class and got Straight A's and was on the High honor roll. He did a vast amount of extracurricular activities including; National Honor society held the office of Vice-president, AFJROTC  Where he was a cadet officer Major and attended SLS leadership training at Nellis he was in charge of logistics and PFT, and special forces, Was in the Marines Devil Pups program in San Deigo, Mu alpha theta,  Key Club, Wrestling where he took 3rd in state in 160 weight class and had the most pins on the team, and never got pinned! He got the two-mile record at Western of 11:06 and ran the mile in 4:58, Football ( Tightend, Offensive end Special teams), Cross-country, Greenbelt in Karate, brown in Judo. He Attended Boy's state and was elected to the mock office of State Senator in Carlson City where he learned about the legislative process.

Michael was lucky enough to have a good Step Dad who was a Major in the Army and always pushed him and his siblings to achieve! His Grandpa was a Civil engineer and worked at Los Alamos and the test site and worked on various nuclear testing projects as project manager, till he and his partner fell in a 40 ft hole His grandpa broke his back and his partner died. He is the best tour Guide for the atomic testing Museum and is now an artist in his retirement and has a painting there.

His Grandma worked on some of the first mainframe computers and worked for Microsoft. She taught Michael how to do many things even sew and crochet.

Michael was on course to attend the Airforce academy to become an F-35 pilot then the war broke out.

While in Highschool at the age of 14 he got a job being a busboy at Los Prados country club and served hundreds of weddings and events.

His Junior year he started working for Dell Computers as an Lv 1 and later 2 Tech on the night shift while finishing high school.

Michael then Went to college and worked at various technical jobs, Doing IT consulting with various businesses here in the Las Vegas valley, he Got his degree in IT with networking emphasis, later started his own IT consulting business.

He got Married and had two beautiful children

Michael, Went through a devastating divorce after almost 6 years of marriage, then tragically his attorney George Maglares shot himself a few weeks before Trial. Michael then lost his every weekend visitation and experienced first hand the Despotism of our Family court system, especially when you do not have an attorney or the constitution backing you...

Michael Was thrown in Jail for over 6 Months for trying to call his own children which, he had contradictory orders saying that he could call them, lost his nice home that was mostly paid off and almost all of his and his children's possessions.  There was frivolous TPO's entered and a false conviction of DV for supposedly pushing his ex after he was baited to go to his ex-parent in-law's house to pick up his children for his weekend, his ex messaged that she was not there then was.  Called the cops.  Even though Michael had his daughter in one arm and a backpack in the other, he was not able to have due process and was given the max sentence, over 6 months in jail, 52 DV classes, GPS monitoring for 6 months @ 12 a day was charged over $3600...

After experiencing first hand the tyranny of the family and criminal courts, Michael got out and Went to the Million parent March in Washington DC. There he Lobbied for equal parenting and helped get the bills SJ48/H.J. 121 for a constitutional amendment for equal parenting in Congress. Was the first person in the White house/congress, as far as he knows with an ankle bracelet on.

Michael formed a political action committee for Family and criminal law reform. and has done several protests and helped advocate for change in our courts, laws and jails/prisons.

Michael is a Member of the BAR Fee dispute committee.

Michael now is a director of Positive minds global/ restoring families a non-profit to help change the system and restore families.

Michael gained first-hand knowledge of government when he Worked at the City of Las Vegas in Business licensing and planning, and did the IT, all of the data and money coming into the city and reports for city council

If Elected Michael Will do his best to help enact laws for Family and criminal law reform especially for equal parenting, changing the laws enslaving we the people! Bail, Jail/ prison reform, innocent until proven guilty, judicial oversite, and other issues affecting district 20 and Nevada.

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Best Choice!

Michael Will Get things changed, and work across all parties to get it Done!

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Vote For Experience and Reform!

Michael has what it takes to presevere and Brings a vast amont of life expirences to the Office. He has done IT consulting for years and has had the oppertunity to see a vast amount of industries and how he can help them!

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Please Vote Michael L McDonald For Assembly District 20.

Michael has a vast amount of life and business experience and will be able to help so many people. He is running on the family and criminal law reform platform and believes that it is the root causes of so many of societies issues!




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